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    China Lab Charette

    By Mark Bearak
    Mar 3, '08 7:09 PM EST

    The following is our submittal for the China Lab Charette that took place a few weeks ago.

    Mark Bearak - MArch
    Dora Kelle - March
    Seth Ruggiero - Urban Planning
    Dana Fantauzzo - Real Estate

    To reinvent the mega-block we proposed raising the residential and community spaces, thus creating the opportunity to bring the public into the base of the site.

    On the ground floor an open park space will be created between the lattice systems that serve as the retail and free community spaces, this will also serve as the core to the residential spaces as well as.

    Below grade ample parking is created for the residents and the public. There will also be a second level of major infrastructure such as subway connections and mechanical requirements that will all be located below the berms on the site.

    Above the ground, residential space, roof terraces, and sky gardens will attach to adjacent mega-blocks. These connections will increase the access of public space to residents in surrounding megablocks.


    • futurist the "lattice system" the actual structure where there are residential units?

      There is a skeleton-like framework that is irregular and that is all good and fine, but where do people live within this framework? Is this "mesh" glass and steel?

      And if you're raising everything up, but still allowing retail and open space, are these detatched from the tree-like structure?

      Mar 4, 08 2:22 pm

      what 'real' benefit does this form offer thats significantly different for the residents?

      Mar 6, 08 4:17 am

      i guess there'd be more than taking the external wall of the surrounding high-rise to support and lift the canopy which visually bridges the towers.

      how high is the canopy? 20 storey above ground?

      it reminds me of Santa Caterina in Barcelona that kind of brigthten up the public void in a different urban setting, and also the unrealized giantic canopy in Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District.

      Mar 6, 08 8:04 am

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