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    Roche Studio Mid-Term 10/12 2-6 Ware Lounge

    By Mark Bearak
    Oct 11, '07 12:21 PM EST

    Roche Studio Mid-Term Review
    Time : 2pm
    Location : The Ware Lounge (6th floor Avery building)
    Jury: Alissa Andrasek (Biothing),
    Peter Macapia (DORA),
    Roland Snooks (Kokkugia),
    Kyle Steinfeld,
    Ken Tracy (Associated Fabrication),
    Simon Kim (MIT),
    and too many Robots to count...


    • I've got serious problems with the motion aesthetics in the Transformers movie.

      Oct 11, 07 7:45 pm
      Francisco David Boira

      This is interesting. Lost opportunity to have the formalists and the computation crew together in one crit. This is way too much of a coding crowd...but its only midterm so it should be great practice.
      Good luck everyone.

      Oct 11, 07 8:20 pm
      Francisco David Boira

      You must have recouped by now. Tell us how it went? Crits good - bad?

      Oct 14, 07 5:47 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      is that a computer model or a real model? and what did you transform?

      Oct 16, 07 1:14 pm

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