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    Francois Roche Studio Final Pin-up in 12 hours!

    By Mark Bearak
    Dec 7, '07 12:34 AM EST

    Video courtesy of John Cerone

    The Francois Roche Studio Final Pin-Up starts at 1:00 in room 114 on Friday, December 7th. Be there or be square.

    Here is the jury list:
    Alissa Andrasek (Biothing)
    Ammar Eloueini (AEDS)
    Benoit Durandin
    Hernan Diaz Alonzo (Xefirotarch)
    Neri Oxman (materialecology)
    Michael Meredith (MOS)
    Marco Vanucci (AKT)
    Mariana Ibanez (Harward)
    Simon Kim (MIT)
    Vito Acconci (Acconci studio)
    Winka Dubbeldam (Archi-Tectonics)

    + Francois Roche (R&Sie) & Marc Fornes (theverymany)


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      realflow eh? good luck at the review.

      Dec 7, 07 1:15 am

      that was a great studio this term... im really curious to see the outcome of this.... wont be possible for me to mak it, but wish i can see some images here or at flickr... no luck, just have a good performance

      Dec 7, 07 10:17 pm

      What's "Harward"?

      Dec 8, 07 3:44 am

      lol, that is funny considering that the v and w key are not even close to each other.

      Dec 8, 07 7:31 am
      Mark Bearak

      Don't you people have anything better to comment on?

      Dec 8, 07 1:50 pm

      go fuck yourself mark, you dick.

      Dec 9, 07 1:24 pm
      Mark Bearak

      Steve, I don't see your fucking blog anywhere...

      Dec 9, 07 2:07 pm

      watching ceron_071023 reminded me of an animation my biology-loving friend had showing pus explosions and moist gangrene. i've got to send him this link.

      Dec 10, 07 2:02 am

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