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    Hello Strangers pt 1.

    By Mark Bearak
    Jul 20, '08 4:54 PM EST

    I apologize for my lack of updates over the last semester. To catch you up to speed on things I finished my studio with nArchitects and I really appreciated the devotion that Eric, Mimi and Billy brought to the studio. Our trip to Brazil was amazing and the discussions helped all of us mold our final projects. I will post the final slide show soon.

    Sadly I think my music video days might be over. Over last semester I had little interest to continue playing around with music; even though I enjoyed the process of mapping out a movie, I felt like I could express the architecture in better ways.

    Without gearing my projects toward a movie I started focusing on creating physical objects.The nArchitects studio was model heavy and each of us had varying degrees of success when it came to making physical versions of our digital models.

    I realized there is a tremendous leap to go from digital to physical, and that the final projects aren't really comparable. I have to go, but I will add more later. 'til then check out Adam Mercier, Dora Kelle and my newest projects blog:

    I'll update more soon.

    Be good,

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    • I went to Columbia and I all I got to make was a silly toilet seat cover (see above). Look forward to seeing more of your studio with the gang from nArchitects.

      Jul 20, 08 6:10 pm

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