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    Mesh Generation Update

    By Mark Bearak
    Oct 18, '07 2:16 AM EST

    Music: Minus the Bear - Knights

    Over the week-end I spent time rethinking the motion of a mesh, specifically woven fibers. From there I focused on the relationship between a woven system and the robot that would create it. My aspirations are to generate a building that has a legible embedded logic of the generation system.

    6 weeks to go, baby steps...


    • Apurimac

      how is that modeled and rendered?

      Oct 18, 07 12:48 pm
      Mark Bearak

      The original weaving script came from Rhino. Then I modeled the robot in Maya using Expressions scripting.

      Oct 18, 07 5:22 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      biomimicry - spiders?

      Oct 19, 07 3:08 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      has anyone asked FR why architecture needs a narrative to begin with?

      Oct 23, 07 6:16 pm

      have you seen francois roche's project very similar this?

      Mar 7, 09 1:33 pm

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