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    eVolo Competition Entry

    By Mark Bearak
    Mar 3, '08 7:31 PM EST

    The following is my entry for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition:

    robotic tower

    the tower is a commentary on man’s self destructive ways. rather than let humans design architecture, protocol will be used to design the ideal space for each inhabitant. the protocol will be a set of 180 trajectories that build in a partially prescribed, partially random manner constantly adjusting variables to avoid intersection. the protocol is capable of generating an infinite variety of towers, with the ability to learn from its mistakes and reject poor iterations. the physical manifestation of the script will be the robotic automaton. the automaton leaves a trail of woven polycarbonate fiber that becomes the structure for the building. once the structure has been created, the automaton uses the structure to build vertically. the completed building will encourage interaction amongst residents by clustering them into neighborhoods, or pods. these clusters of people will create a more harmonious environment and hopefully will prevent the residents from indulging in their destructive ways.

    (the following images are rotated to better fit the size requirements of Archinect)


    • That is a lot of modeling..Nice!

      Mar 3, 08 11:10 pm

      those boards are very nice.

      Mar 5, 08 2:14 pm

      yet another boring blob shit.

      Mar 6, 08 11:33 am


      its is "blob", however - it raises some interesting concepts:

      -robotic yet organic machines from the matrix building things for humans. sweet.

      -thom yorke sings - always a good thing. fantastic album.

      however - i'd like to know what happens to the robots after they finish their construction journey - are the perched atop? dismantled? disintegrate? or did they become a barbecue pit that the red guy had. was that thought of or am i being too pragmatic.. not a rhetorical question.

      Mar 7, 08 12:07 am
      more is less

      very nice video.
      i like your project. it has a lot of potential.

      keep up with the bundels!!

      Mar 7, 08 4:29 am

      awesome video. great animation. what was it done in out of curiosity?

      Mar 7, 08 2:21 pm
      Mark Bearak

      The original structure was prepared in Rhino.
      The video was generated in Maya.

      Mar 9, 08 5:51 pm

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