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    Back into the swing of things....

    By Mark Bearak
    Jan 24, '08 7:35 PM EST

    ... for the very last time

    I woke up yesterday and realized that it would be my final studio lottery at Columbia and I was bowled over with sadness. I can't believe that three years have gone by so quickly. The many highs (Roche, Andrasek, Keller) and the many lows (effect to affect, Building Systems, Frampton) I'd have to say it was worth every cent and I'll be reminded of that for the next 30 years....

    Here is the list of professors available for 3rd yr MArch/AAD
    (in alphabetical order)

    Michael Bell
    Karl Chu
    Katherine Dean
    Leslie Gill
    Jane Harrison
    Laurie Hawkinson
    Juan Hereros
    Steven Holl
    Jeffery Inaba
    Jeffery Johnson
    Ed Keller
    Fred LeVrat
    Reinhold Martin
    N Architects
    Galia Solomonoff
    Urban Thinktank
    Enrique Walker

    We had 18 choices for studio and I was pleased with the selections. I would have been happy with any of my top ten, and happily I got my first choice of nArchitects (with Billy Feuerman)!!! To top that off we will be going to Brazil!!!! We will be visiting Sao Paolo, Brasilia and Rio as a group and then we'll have a week to travel on our own. I've always wanted to visit Brasilia and going with Mimi, Eric and Billy will add a lot to the experience.

    I will post more specifics on our projects and techniques after we meet tomorrow.


    • strlt_typ

      if those structural members had would be 3dh

      Jan 25, 08 8:29 pm
      Sir Arthur Braagadocio

      so do all 18 actually get a studio, or is it based on enrollment?

      Jan 27, 08 1:02 pm

      reminds me of the time i walked through the studios @ yale, and they had a list for students to vote for who they wanted to bring in to teach the next year... it started w/ murcutt, herzog, steven holl, etc. it was good for a laugh.

      Jan 29, 08 11:01 pm

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