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    nArchitects week 1

    By Mark Bearak
    Feb 11, '08 7:04 PM EST

    Hello Everyone,
    Amazingly, speedily, inconceivably two weeks have already gone by. Mimi, Eric and Billy are a total powerhouse. All three of them, three days a week, and we've already wrapped up two pin-ups.

    Week 1 - Building structure analysis

    Our first assignment was to pull references from existing Brazilian buildings. I chose the concept of discrete structural systems, (ie. the exoskeleton) My mid week project was overly focused on the concept of the column. Over the course of the week it evolved into a program based integrated structural system (pictured above)


    • Ooooo..

      Pretty. i love concrete exoskeltons. Sanaa had that pretty one in Germany last year.

      Feb 11, 08 8:18 pm

      hey mark, beautiful stuff.
      can you recommend any good references whether built or unbuilt for exoskeleton systems. i've been looking at a lot of erwin hauer lately, but im thinking bigger scale.

      Feb 11, 08 11:27 pm

      h&dem's prada?

      Feb 13, 08 12:43 pm

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