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    Update 2 - Kuala Lumpor

    By Mark Bearak
    Dec 17, '06 6:18 AM EST

    Hello Everyone,
    Greetings from Kuala Lumpur! Our trip to Malaysia from Singapore went quite smoothly. We made the border jump quite easily and caught our train. There was a really smelly dude who sat behind us, so we had to swith cars. By the time we arrived in KL most everyone else had switched cars too.

    As for Singapore, it was awesome! We had a great time partying in the city and met lots of fun folks. We hung out mostly with this dude from Brazil named Leonardo. He worked for Emerits and was killing time before his flight back to Dubai. The most striking thing about Singapore was its' total consumer culture. There were malls EVERYWHERE. They had also fully embraced Christmas, which made sense since it gave everyone even more of a reason to shop.

    As for our last night in Singapore, we had a great time checking out the town. We endulged in some quality eats with a fish steam boat. It was basically a giant bown of fish soup with a charcoal fire in the center. We also went over to Raffles hotel for some Singapore Slings. We went up to the long bar and realized the drinks would end up being around $20 american so we just pooled our money into some beer from the 7-11 and drank by the boat quay.

    We arrive in KL late last night and checked into our hostel. We grabbed some chinese food form a street vendor and then went to a pub to catch the Arsenal football match. After th egame was over a bunch of the staff started singing Christmas songs in Malay. Today we checked out the city and went up to the viewing deck of the Petronas Towers. It was a really beautiful day and the view was amazing.

    In two days we are heading up to Thailand.

    Be good,

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