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    Quilian Riano
    May 27, '08 9:58 AM EST

    The semester is finally over and I have to say that it was by far one of the most hectic I have had so far. It was basically 3.5 studios and a couple of things on the side (like trays).

    Because most of the projects were done in collaborations I cannot put up a lot of the results, but soon I will talk about each class through their process and structure. I am interested in the issue of how we can replace the 'individual genius' system of design education and all the classes this semester gave me some clues.

    For now I wanted to share some of the work from the Nicaragua studio in the Casas de la Esperanza NGO's website:
    Specially check out the slideshow:

    (This video is based on the slideshow we presented at our final review but was not done by the studio)

    Full studio list:
    Julia Watson MLA
    DK Osseo-Asare MArch
    Juliana Silbermins MAUD
    Anne Vaterlaus MLA
    Christine Canabou MArch
    Quilian Riano MArch
    Simon Bussiere MLA
    Chris Ryan MArch
    Sara Lynch MArch
    Aron Chang MArch
    Kristen Von Minden MArch
    Doug Miller MArch
    Brian Yang MArch

    Teddy Cruz
    Andrew Sturm

    Finally, to continue the Nicaragua project and see it built in a way consistent with our designs, a group of four of us applied for and received the GSD's Community Service Fellowship. As you read this I am laying in hammock in Granada, taking a break. Over the next couple of weeks we will work on further developing the design and material mock ups for a multi-purpose workshop. We will also work on a business plan for the workshop and getting a master plan ready for city hall approval.

    We will keep a blog for the rest of the studio to keep involved in our process as this will continue to be a group project of all of us.

    The Nica blog:


    • Sweet!!!!
      Q, sorry we didn't speak before the trip.
      But, let us talk when you rback from your travels...

      May 27, 08 11:51 am  · 

      did you take the seminar with teddy cruz?

      May 28, 08 1:27 am  · 

      hey Nama!

      disinfect, this whole Nicaragua studio project and its current and future continuations are being done Teddy Cruz and his partner Andy Sturm.

      May 28, 08 1:04 pm  · 

      Looking forward to sitting down and trading stories with you in a very bro-mantic fashion (as this last weekend) when you get back.

      May 28, 08 1:07 pm  · 

      I just updated the original post to include a full video of the slideshow (including the housing designs that were missing before). I also included a full studio list.

      May 30, 08 12:41 pm  · 

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