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    and just like that ...

    By Arjun Bhat
    May 4, '08 1:58 PM EST

    ... 7 years come down to 14 days.

    i've been painfully lax on the bloggage this semester. i'll do a recap once i turn in my thesis book (the 22nd, but untill then here's really the only image that matters at this point:


    and here's another one that matters less, but it's a sketch render i still enjoy:


    red bull don't fail me now.


    • JordanS

      I enjoy that sketch render too. I need to start using that technique.

      May 4, 08 10:31 pm  · 

      Good luck.
      My friend just finished his thesis the other week.

      May 4, 08 10:36 pm  · 

      Nice image!…. it’s all worth it in the end! Not really, but you will get a lot of personal satisfaction after you finish it.
      Good luck

      May 5, 08 5:07 pm  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      hehe, i've heard much of the same from friends of mine after they completed thesis .... i guess every field has its rights of passage, and we all (in some way) pay our dues.

      May 5, 08 5:46 pm  · 

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