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    Serrenia by Foster and Partners

    By Arjun Bhat
    Mar 16, '07 1:54 PM EST

    Check out this short film my friend forwarded to me. it's promoting the "World's Most Exclusive Waterside Address."


    • wow

      Mar 16, 07 2:16 pm

      I cannot believe the paranoia and the grotesque display of wealth and consumption.

      Mar 16, 07 2:17 pm

      wow indeed... that's really creepy... all that i could think of was the island

      Mar 16, 07 3:05 pm

      serenity now! serenity NOW!

      Mar 16, 07 5:30 pm

      dude they'll fly your lambo along with you. i want to know cost.

      Mar 16, 07 5:44 pm

      three cheers for Foster and sustainability! damn they must be getting some serious quid for that job.

      Mar 16, 07 6:21 pm

      if that's sustainability then let me burn ..

      and i like a lot of foster, but i think that's the problem with this thing - it's all foster

      Mar 16, 07 6:49 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      architphil -- i thought the EXACT same thing when i saw it for the first time. It also reminded me a bit of the horrible, horrible movie Aeon Flux that came out recently...

      some of the Foster that was on display owed a lot to Herzog + Demuron i felt ...

      Mar 16, 07 7:45 pm

      I want to win the lottery and go to "The Island" too....

      Mar 16, 07 8:05 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      even my blog isn't free from spam.

      Mar 16, 07 9:46 pm

      you mean i didn't just get $2.4 million?

      uh-oh :(((

      Mar 16, 07 9:54 pm


      Mar 16, 07 10:10 pm

      that's kind of disgusting.

      anyone else catch the blatant rip-off of tadao ando?

      Mar 17, 07 1:07 pm

      I definately get the island reference...thats just crazy

      Mar 17, 07 5:22 pm
      vado retro

      kinda funny that although its in egypt everybody in the video looked like they were from hinsdale, illinois. which does have a rolls dealer by the by.

      Mar 18, 07 8:23 am

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