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Sep '06 - May '08

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    Olafur Eliasson visit + City Bits

    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 19, '06 11:38 PM EST

    So Olafur Eliasson gave his lecture and presented some work tonite at MIT. It was a pretty good talk. Some favorites of mine from his selections:

    Green River ('98)
    The Weather Project - Tate Modern ('03)
    Black Horizon ('05)
    Your Space Embracer ('04)

    I was aware of only a few of his works before he came, (the River Project and his installation at the Tate), and was pleased that I could hear his thoughts on more of his work.

    Signed up for a new class today. The course is a workshop where we will construct, as a class, a video game that will allow us to model, test, and interact with urban design situations. We'll be focusing (for now) on creating "players" for the game that will have certain motivations (ie: developer, technocrat, humanist) that will refer to tendencies for them to interact with and modify the city in specific ways. Building AI from parametric models, we'll then evolve the game to make various factors within the game to confront, resist, or be persuaded by the various "players" that will eventually have an affect on the outcome of the city.

    Strangely enough, the rough diagram of the program modeling for the game (which I learnt about today) bears a strange resemblance to my diagrammatic model for my studio project (Ideal City outside Shinzen). My concept centers around forces of "improvisation" that are allowed to adapt, mutate, or delete institutions/program/space within the city model as they see fit. Looks like i'll be delving into computations more than I anticipated this semester.

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