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Sep '06 - May '08

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    And now we're gonna paint happy little trees ...

    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 26, '06 11:12 PM EST

    This is what happens when my easily distractable mind wanders in class ...

    imagethe programming scheme for our urban design videogame (overly simplified)

    imagethis just sorta happened ...

    just some quick sketches in boston


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      i love bob ross.

      Sep 27, 06 8:46 am  · 

      Boston sketch, bottom right... is that the entrance to the church next to the BPL in Copley? Right at the T-stop?

      Sep 27, 06 9:36 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      myriam - yes, that would be at copley.

      Sep 27, 06 10:43 am  · 
      vado retro

      i went to the boston latin prom at the copley plaza. i was 21 and my date was a junior there. coincidentally, my classic tux looked just like the employees and several hotel guests asked me for help with their bags.

      Sep 27, 06 10:46 am  · 

      did you help them?

      Sep 27, 06 10:59 am  · 

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