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    One more day, one final link.

    By Arjun Bhat
    May 23, '07 8:57 AM EST

    So in writing the last bits of a paper for my Traumatic Urbanism class, which I've centered on new/mass media's role as both perpetrator of the traumatic act and as stage for potential catharsis (attempting to connect this all somehow with consumption and the suburban ideal), I thought I would share a few interesting links having to do with a new treatment for PTSD that some of you may have heard about. Its called Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy - equal parts video game and medicine, brought together in a strangely twilight zone setting that borders between clinical breakthrough and naive technophilia. here are a few links:

    Virtually Better

    clinical case study

    thoughts archinecters?


    • Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      Is Mark Jarzombek teaching that class? He mentioned PTSD at our last review.

      May 26, 07 8:45 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      yep. when was that?

      May 26, 07 11:09 am  · 

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