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    rem lecture tommorrow

    By Arjun Bhat
    Nov 13, '06 8:25 PM EST

    so rem will be at mit tomorrow. the title of his lecture will be "lagos." if anyone is in the boston area and is interested, it will be at 5pm in room 10-250. i don't know what time non-mit students and faculty will be allowed to find their seats tho.

    what one question would you ask the rem?


    • sandrina

      i would ask him why he postponed his talk twice.
      i was hoping to catch it either on the 1st or the 7th while i was still in Boston for the MIT open house and he let me down miserably. twice.
      or maybe it was just not meant to be...

      well, with all the anticipation i'm sure it's gonna be good.

      Nov 13, 06 10:08 pm  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      hehe, we wondered the same thing. maybe he'll fill us in on why. or maybe not.

      Nov 13, 06 10:26 pm  · 
      vado retro

      i would ask him about kant and the sublime. oh wait wrong thread...

      Nov 13, 06 10:36 pm  · 

      Im going!and he better have a good reason

      Nov 14, 06 3:33 am  · 

      maybe he was in lagos and his lecture title is his excuse. so he doesn't have to mention it.

      the title also probably signals that he doesn't want to talk about the political implications of working in china.

      Nov 14, 06 7:05 am  · 

      he was here last friday- lecture was called "rise"- he's full of himself so ask him something challenging- it's gauranteed he'll dodge answering it.

      Nov 14, 06 10:35 am  · 

      arjun- i forgot i was going to ask him a question the other day, but wigley wouldn't call on me-
      rem kept talking about not creating form or avoiding the creation of form, but instead creating program- only thing is- he's all about form. something along the lines of that- you're so eloquent though, you chocolate lover, you can sweeten it up a bit.

      Nov 14, 06 10:38 am  · 

      oh- and china- he hates the skepticism of the political implications and reprecussions. cctv- one giant form-fucking island.

      Nov 14, 06 10:42 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      ha! i'll make sure to sock it to em.

      Nov 14, 06 11:15 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      rem denying his formal tendencies reminds me of when thom mayne came to kansas city and denied having a formal language. i dont know why they insist on denying aspects of their practice - i can't imagine that they'd be embarassed - or would they?

      Nov 14, 06 11:49 am  · 

      there is a documentary about rem in lagos. i watched it the other week. it was so so.

      Nov 14, 06 12:55 pm  · 

      would it be online?

      Nov 14, 06 4:02 pm  · 

      chameleon, the lagos video sells online for something over $300, and rents for around $75. check your university library for a copy. If they don't have it, ask 'em to buy it...that worked at UF (in a red state with an ever-declining education budget).

      Nov 14, 06 8:38 pm  · 

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