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Sep '06 - May '08

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    Rotch Library and other things

    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 17, '06 10:31 PM EST

    Seeing as I've spent most of my acedemic time outside of class in the library, I thought I'd post a few pics. Not to mention that Rotch Library and the main building are cheek to cheek, but connected and separated at different places, while sharing a common roof. Confusing? Yes. But besides creating an interesting interstitial space between the stacks and the building, it does offer a strange voyeuristic relationship with the studios the stacks are adjacent to. Both studios and stacks look onto each other but are separated by glazing and about a 6-8 foot gap.
    the gap between the main building and the stacks.
    spying on the studios.

    In other matters - this year's lecture series theme is "Revolution." The first in the series is Olafur Eliasson an artist from Berlin. I couldn't get the poster from the internet, so the best I can do is a photo. If any of you guys in the boston area feel like attending, its at 630 at MIT. (rm 10-250)


    Also, if you're looking for a laugh, check this out: -- fact, once again, is stranger than fiction.

    My studio desk.

    One more thing. I was told by several people that I look like Elijah Wood. I tend to disagree with that statement. A lot. So, i thought I'd let you people see for yourself how much I don't look like E-Dub.
    image we don't look alike. I hope.


    • damn, how are those students going to get away with sex in the studio?

      Sep 18, 06 3:40 am  · 

      hmm... not sure about that elijah wood thing

      Sep 18, 06 7:38 am  · 

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