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    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 26, '06 7:57 PM EST

    In colloquium today, Sanford got the class talking about things like master/slave relationships, power/knoledge, urbanism, globalisation, computations, and I'm sure the meaning of life (pretty common stomping grounds for Mr. Kwinter). Along the way, he drops the names of books we all should think about reading. I'm sure the same has happened to lots of you - polite suggestions from your proffessors of books you should be reading / should-have-read / should-be-able-to discuss-right-now-in-class.

    So I thought I'd make a list of books I have been suggested to read "in my spare time" so far this year. I hope to get around to them once I take care of this whole studio/architecture/books of required reading I need to do for school anyway - thing.

    Cybernetics - Norbert Weiner
    Discipline and Punishment - Foucault
    Anything by Hegel/Marx
    Fast Food Nation
    The City of Tommorrow and Its Planning - Corbu
    The End of Oil - Paul Roberts
    The Long Emergency - James H. Kunstler
    Good City Form - Kevin Lynch
    The Athens Charter - CIAM
    The Will to Power - Nietzsche

    There are others but I can't read my handwriting.


    • a hell of a reading list.
      Little do they know this "spare time" is a precious and hard to find resource

      Sep 26, 06 9:46 pm  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      I believe they do know - which makes it even better.

      Sep 26, 06 10:53 pm  · 

      as kwinter says himself:
      don't read anything only once and don't read anything that is not worth reading more than once. read less, but read deeper.

      Sep 26, 06 10:57 pm  · 
      Smokety Mc Smoke Smoke

      That is actually really good advice ... depth, not breadth.

      Sep 26, 06 11:01 pm  · 
      Alexander Jack

      spare time isn't what it used to be...

      Sep 27, 06 4:00 pm  · 

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