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Sep '06 - May '08

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    The Lottery ... and no I don't mean the book about the creepy village ...

    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 6, '06 11:41 PM EST

    The movie adaptation of the lottery was very strange, and I believe featured that one guy from the tv show "wings" but I don't recall for sure .....

    Anyway, had the studio presentations yesterday and the lottery results for studios were posted this morning ... sort of.

    On the morning of the first day of classes here at MIT, there was some hushed murmering of something going on with the level III studios. In fact, the hubub was about a third studio being offerred to the students at the level, and the lottery would be held a second time just for level III's. Yippee!

    As a SMArchS, studio's optional for me. I wanted to take one however, as long as it related to my degree (read: urban design or something akin to it). Turns out the third studio would be a joint venture between Yung Ho Chang, Alexander D'Hooghe and what was presented as about 3 others. The project? The Ideal City, using a newly formed city in the southeast of China as a contextual backdrop (i can't recall the name of the city at the moment). Sounded very very cool. And right up my alley. Too bad the lottery didn't fall my way. Alak and alas, guess no studio for me this semester. Oh well, i've got my plate full as it is, and it just gives me more time to take on another workshop and a real estate development class.

    My prefab workshop sounds like it will be a pretty cool experience. Get to have guys like Mike Sylvester and Charlie Lazor come in to crit and lecture. The goal of the class is something along the lines of researching ideal fuctionality/deployment matrices to find marketable and interesting prefab solutions. Or something like that. After studying prefab in such a pressured and hurried manner in studio804, it will be nice to revisit the topic in a different environment and with different goals.

    My case studies in urban form workshop should be cool. Our first assignment is to get out into Boston and figure that sucker out. I'm looking forward to breaking out the camera and sketch pad while trapsing through beantown.

    I'm looking forward to attending my Interrogative Design Workshop on monday. Course Description:

    "In this workshop will be experimenting new ways in which art and design may reinforce the political, ethical and existential role and function of urban symbolic structures while inspiring and re-empowering increasingly alienated, fearful and voiceless city residents.

    The workshop participants will learn how to conceptualize and develop equipment, instruments, and networks, and to design architectural and sculptural implements, complements and supplements that may help today's urban monuments and residents become useful companions to each other in the process of their de-alienation."

    Its a straight up copy/paste of the catalogue description and i'm excited as hell.

    Till next time, adios.


    • myriam

      That sounds awesome. If you guys get any good speakers in for that class, let us Bostonians know!

      Sep 7, 06 12:04 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      sure thing! In fact, MIT's lecture series sounds pretty damn good from the looks of things. I'll be sure to post when speakers are making their way.

      Sep 7, 06 12:06 am  · 

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