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Sep '06 - May '08

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    So far so good

    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 14, '06 1:20 AM EST

    So it seems the direction we're going to take in my studio won't be nearly what I expected, but has the potential to be a very refreshing experience.

    We're designing an Ideal City and will be producing a book with our ideas, concepts, implementation, contextual backdrop, etc, in a manner akin to CONTENT (or at least, thats my interpretation). Having an abstract, theory based studio is a first for me, but I think after a year off the traditional studio scene, it's probably the perfect way to ease back into things (well, as much "easing" is to be found in a studio that is). Right now i'm interested in somehow tying this into my thesis interests, which have to do with communications, networking, and media technologies and the urban fabric, but I'm treading lightly. For now, i'll just refresh with some e-topia - bill mitchel texts and hope it goes my way...

    Discovering more about MIT as the first full week of classes continues. The library was my object of fascination for the past four days - both in terms of content and design. I'll post pics later, but its a structure built right next to the main building and annex'd to it. It leads to some very strange inside/outside blurrings that i'm sure will continue to entertain me during my 2 years here.

    Speaking of entertaining, I think my shortest, least time intesive class will be my favorite this semester - my Faculty Colloquium with Sanford Kwinter. I've read some of his essays in undergrad, but never would have guessed that he'd be so lively and cordial in person. Definetly an easy guy to talk to, he had our class loose and laughing within the first five minutes. Tuesdays from 12:30-2 promise to be good.

    Till the next ...


    • switters

      kwinter is great, really great-enjoy.
      does every studio do a 'book' now?

      Sep 14, 06 7:23 am  · 
      vado retro

      ideal city? way to ease into it...

      Sep 14, 06 10:14 am  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      switters: don't know, but its a first for me.

      vade retro: in a strange way, yeah!

      Sep 14, 06 2:34 pm  · 

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