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Sep '06 - May '08

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    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 7, '06 8:25 PM EST

    So imagine my surprise today when I check the adjusted results from last nights Level III studio lottery and see my name under Yung Ho's Ideal City studio? It was a nice surprise to start the day with. Classwise, it means I drop out of real estate development to accomodate the 21 hrs of studio (how are these numbers generated anyway?). I don't mind tho, I'm too excited about getting back into a studio after a one year hiatus to care.

    Went around Beantown today taking photos, sketching and writing notes on the city for my Methods class. I limited myself to Boston Commons, Washington avenue, and a bit of chinatown. I havn't yet begun to scratch the surface and didnt expect to on my first half-day study trip out there, but hopefully I get more accomplished tommorrow. The density of Boston is wonderful and makes me believe my prof's description of Boston as the "westernmost european city." I would validate that claim just from the juxtaposition of historic, dated buildings next to shiny new construction (for me, reminiscent of berlin), but i feel that would be too shallow an analysis. Did a lot of walking and had dinner at the Taiwan Cafe - really good noodles.

    Man do my feet hurt.

    under the dome.
    these fish occupied an aquarium placed next to my head at lunch. a little creepy.


    • myriam

      Congrats! So do you know Guiggster? we should do some kind of archinect meetup so us ex-students can come across the bridge to student-land. Have you been to the enormous room yet? good times...

      Sep 8, 06 6:55 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      do you mean chris? yeah i know him. don't know what the enormous room is, but i'll look for one ;) too bad i didn't see you sooner or you guys might have been able to make it out tonite .....

      Sep 9, 06 1:19 am

      if you look for the enormous room--you won't find it. the name is ironic--or at least lifted from a line of cummings'. it's a tiny upstairs lounge in central square, above the Central Kitchen... don't get too excited though, it's not for everyone! But I like it, it reminds me of SF. Big leather ottomans for everyone to sit and... well... lounge on.

      yeah i would love to meet some of you students. i've always had a thing for MIT architecture. your neighbor down the road, however, tends to scare or annoy me.

      Sep 9, 06 7:24 am
      Arjun Bhat


      Sep 9, 06 11:48 am

      Also, that Totally Kittens thing is creeping the fuck out of me. It looks like someone smooshed a kitty beneath glass. ugh.

      Sep 9, 06 2:09 pm
      Arjun Bhat

      it ain't nothin compared to banzai kittens. :D

      Sep 9, 06 7:40 pm

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