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    painkillers, taurine, and a bag of candy.

    By Arjun Bhat
    Dec 1, '07 5:10 PM EST

    leaving the convenience store located in MIT's student center, i ran into a colleague who asked me how my end of semester was going. I replied by showing him the contents of my purchase --

    a kingsize bag of M&M's

    he laughed and simply stated "ouch."

    Then he told me of an instance in a previous semester when, to make a cast model for studio , he had to purchase a package of pantyhose and a bottle of Vaseline from the store at around 2am. I believed him ... for the most part.

    what are some of the strangest/hilariously depressing end-of-semester purchases you archinecters have had to make? funny anecdotes encouraged.


    • formwhore

      i once went in to a spanish drug store and in my VERY broken tourist spanish tried to purchase syringes and latex gloves. of course it was one of those stores where nothing was on the shelves, so i had to make my request at the head of a very long line of spaniards eyeing me suspiciously. my explanation that i just wanted to make some tattoos with the henna i'd just bought in morocco either didn't translate or they simply didn't believe me.

      Dec 2, 07 12:23 am  · 
      vado retro

      a night to remember hey tumbles?

      Dec 6, 07 7:28 pm  · 

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