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    Where the hell is Bratislava

    By Arjun Bhat
    Sep 3, '07 1:03 PM EST

    ... or so i read on a shirt i saw here in a gift shop.

    greetings from slovakia, archinecters. right now im in an internet cafe contemplating the slovakian keyboard, among other things. My urban design studio is working in bratislava for the semester, and we will be here this week speaking with representatives from the local government, local institutions, and our sponsors, discussing potential strategies for an extension to the slovakian capital. So far, the design problem has shown some very interesting aspects, which ill go into further detail on when i return. for now the salient key terms are

    tabula rasa, or at least pretty damn close, if u can believe it

    post communist identity


    trade corridors

    transition market

    and the list goes on and on.

    the studio is a design studio with both planners as well as architects, so im interested to see how the mix of students, students who often seem to be on opposite sides of the fence, work out together. the debate kicked off today with a post lunch discussion that centered on the reasons both planners and architects seem to trivialize each others proffessions ..... i dont know if the discussion necessarily got anywhere, but im sure its not the first time the topic will come up. Anyhow, my time on this computer is almost up, so ill sign off. pictures in the next .....


    • asalko

      Hey, I am from bratislava and in Bratislava so I would love to hear more when you get around to it!

      Sep 3, 07 6:31 pm  · 

      Hey i lived in Slovenia..... OUCH!! hahahaha most common error when u tell people about Slovenia....

      Slovenia and Slovakia are 2 different things, anyways, i know u know this, just telling the ppl out there...hope u enjoy, i know i did enjoy Slovenija a lot :)

      Sep 3, 07 8:20 pm  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      well, our class is in STU for the day working on our project, so drop by on the second floor near what i presume are the architecture administrative offices if you are around :D

      Sep 4, 07 8:03 am  · 

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