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    Beginning of semester, (this semester) ... (part 2)

    By Arjun Bhat
    Feb 12, '07 8:50 PM EST

    My favorite form of procrastination is to do so publicly on the Internet.

    So it took about a week, but I think i figured out my final class schedule. looking like this:

    Theory of City Form - Julian Beinart

    Traumatic Urbanism - Mark Jarzombeck

    Special Topics in Media Technology: Other Product - Chris Csikszentmihályi

    Urban Design Seminar - Dennis Frenchman

    Hopefully will turn out alright. No studio this semester, which works out, 'cause my Media Lab class will take its place in terms of outside of class work. Also, I landed a TA-ship, which should be fun. Oh yeah, I need to get to selecting a thesis topic somewhere in all of that.

    Another semester, another notch on the belt. It's got room for two more. Hope I'll make it.


    • Hey Arjun,

      Looks like you are diving intensely into urbanism--is that typical of SMarchS A+U students? Do some take routes more weighted in architecture and the design of buildings?

      Any ideas on a thesis topic yet?

      Cool, good luck with your semester.

      Feb 12, 07 9:33 pm  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      I would say that it is typical - mostly because that coming from a professional architecture background, an opportunity to frame architecture within the question of urbanism is a valuable one - one that to a point requires a level of class commitment.

      That isn't to say that most of us have forgotten architecture, (in fact, the urban design studio going on this semester and presumably next semester are actually pretty architectural), just that we've only got so much time here at MIT, so we need to be cognizant of both career and academic goals.

      As for a thesis topic, I've got a few ideas, but nothing that well formed yet. I came into MIT with an interest in the implications that communications and media technology had for urban design and urban architecture, but now that interest has spun into a larger context of urban development and cultures of communication in industrializing countries, specifically those that have experienced a degree of technological "leapfrogging."

      This topic, however, is a pretty big beast to try and tackle without a good idea of the specifics that I would like to address. That's what this semester is for ...

      Feb 12, 07 9:49 pm  · 
      Arjun Bhat

      my reply was longer than my post ...

      Feb 12, 07 9:50 pm  · 

      media lab rocks... make sure your project rocks... how did you say it, this is "my favorite form of procrastination"

      Feb 12, 07 10:41 pm  · 

      Do you know anything about the Jerusalem 2050 project. They are launching a competition, which should be interesting although I hope it would be a more urban design/planning than architecture competition..

      Feb 13, 07 1:29 pm  · 

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