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    Toledo - A One-Day Photo Diary

    Quilian Riano
    Sep 30, '07 8:26 AM EST


    • mespellrong

      Looks just like the one in Ohio...

      Sep 30, 07 12:09 pm  · 
      won and done williams

      this is why the rest of the world hates the gsd;)

      beautiful collage.

      Sep 30, 07 9:00 pm  · 

      man, do I ever miss Toledo. Did you find the Irish pub in there?

      Oct 1, 07 5:24 am  · 


      We had a good time in O'Brien's. Certain people in the group made fun of my affinity for Irish drinks (Guinness, Car bombs, et al...), so we went out there to celebrate a couple of birthdays to show them what Irish bars are all about. It was lots of fun and I think we changed some hearts and minds.

      Oct 1, 07 6:20 am  · 

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