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    Quilian Riano
    Feb 4, '07 7:12 PM EST

    The semester has finally gotten on its way and it promises to be a pretty difficult one. It is the last one in the core series without not much room for choice and packed full of fun classes like structures, pro-practice, and environmental technologies (ET). Thankfully as an AP from UF I was able to get out of ET, it seems like a good class but the semester is packed enough as it is, and I am replacing it with a Rafael Moneo theory course 'On Contemporary Architecture'. Finally we cannot forget the main entree, by now long-held tradition, and cap-off to the core studios: the housing semester.

    Studio Critic: Lluis Ortega gsd f451
    TA: Bryan Boyer
    Program: Housing + ???
    Site: A choice of three on the edge of Boston's emerald necklace



    • bryan boyer

      get back to work, quilian!

      Feb 5, 07 4:36 am  · 

      Are you guys reading Rafael Moneo's book 'Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies'? I'm reading it now, it's really good. Though its written like a lecture with a slide show so I imagine you could just skip the book and listen to him talk.

      Feb 5, 07 9:23 am  · 

      cp, I am but it is not a requirement of the class.

      Feb 5, 07 9:52 am  · 
      Chili Davis

      I've read the book before. More than once, actually.

      Feb 5, 07 3:12 pm  · 
      vado retro

      i have never read a book. what's it like reading a book?

      Feb 5, 07 3:46 pm  · 

      northern-most option could be interesting due to the dead intersection caused by the entry ramp to Storrow Drive on Boylston. the mid one along JP pond is primarily residential housing I think, maybe some smaller apartment buildings so the option of messing with the existing fabric comes up. not too familiar with the southern option.

      Feb 5, 07 3:56 pm  · 
      vado retro

      who wants to live by a freakin freeway ramp?

      Feb 5, 07 5:05 pm  · 

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