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    Fall 08 Ins and Outs: lectures + trays + courses

    Quilian Riano
    Sep 17, '08 11:58 AM EST

    I haven't found a slick poster for the lecture series this semester, but there seem to be more lectures than last semester.
    GSD Public Lectures Fall '08
    and don't forget that you can catch most of those lectures live via webcast.

    The first entries of the semester are loosely based around the issue of how "green systems" relate to or can form the basis for the design process.

    There are two pieces up on PF1 (its construction process and a closer look with farmers), Mitchell Joachim calls for an Ecological Code in the design process, and Jim Diers shows how empowering communities can green cities. All this + a new letter from the staff.

    I am splitting this year, that means that I am taking my thesis semester and splitting it int two. This semester I take two classes and thesis prep, and next semester I do nothing but thesis.

    This semester there seem to be a lot of really good courses, but I am thinking of taking two of the following three:

    Ecology as Urbanism; Urbanism as Ecology
    Charles Waldheim

    Race, Inequality, and Cities
    Thomas Sugrue


    Architecture and Art: From Robert Smithson to the emerging `New Synthesis'
    Sanford Kwinter

    It seems weird that two of these will be the last classes I am taking while here and then I am in the downhill slide out of Gund Hall, just when I was getting used to the place...


    • _JC

      Nice lecture series. Really helpful website too. I've been trying to get my school to [at a minimum] add some background on our lectures. We only receive the slick posters, no descriptions or background on the lecture, and definitely no webcast! That rocks.

      My vote is for Architecture and Art with Sanford Kwinter...looks really interesting.

      Sep 17, 08 12:42 pm  · 

      Personally, That Waldheim course sounds awesome.
      Plus you are getting a course with the master himself.....

      Sep 17, 08 1:50 pm  · 

      Hi Q-

      Thanks for inviting me to your "trays" Facebook group but I admit I don't really know what I'm supposed to do with it.

      Good luck with your thesis prep! I have a whole year of thesis! :-O

      Sep 17, 08 10:40 pm  · 

      Hi Emily, the trays facebook group just serves to help the journal staff communicate updates and other information with alumni and our larger audience. I invited a lot of architect and student friends for that reason, and anyone that wants to join can at:

      JC, Sanfor Kwinter is one intense professor. The class was full with people sitting on the floor, etc... I am pretty sure I am taking that class.

      Sep 18, 08 11:10 am  · 
      David Burns


      Did you enroll in Kwinter's course? I'd love to see that syllabus...


      Sep 30, 08 1:39 am  · 

      hey q, did you end up taking sugrue's class? i'm reading his book "the origins of the urban crisis" this week for my urban studies class here at penn with his colleague michael katz... next week we're reading the book that he edited on "the new suburban history"... judging from his books i'd recommend his class...

      Sep 30, 08 5:42 pm  · 

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