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    The Trifecta: 2010/Octopus/1:10

    Quilian Riano
    Feb 23, '07 1:03 PM EST

    A quick note to do three things:
    1- Talk about the 2010 Imperative
    2- shamelessly plug a buddy's video
    3- celebrate my 100th entry / 1000th comment

    1- As I have posted in the 2010 thread the entire webcast is available for viewing at:
    It was a very exciting event to be a part of, I worked the laptops with questions coming in and can say that there was a great response. Sadly we could only ask a small fraction from the many questions/comments from all over the world. My favorite question came from Barcelona and it was about the perceived divide between responsible processes and fashion culture within schools. It seems to me that this is a question is also hotly debated in studios and here in the 'nect. I have been thinking about a possible answer and how issues of economy of resources, climate, and the environment in the built form are nothing new, having been used traditionally as a major part of the design process. The shift from that paradigm is relatively recent. I also think that good design is key to make sustainability work as proven by some of the leaders in the field (see 2030 for some examples). In short I think that the divide between looks and performance is smaller than we think. Stay tune to a Martha Schwartz feature I am working on that sheds some more light on this issue.

    Behind the screen images by hotlead
    World Changing Review of the Event-Sarah Rich

    2- As many of y'all know AP and I know each other from our days in gator country (as a matter of fact, it was he who christened me +q. in the pages of Architrave). What you may not know is that AP, sellegr, a theologian buddy, and I are part of a loose association of designers we call SEM (Second Empire Mansard). We come together (from every corner of the globe) every once in a while to discuss and design together.
    Besides being a talented designer, SEM member sellegr (Richie Gelles) is starting to do more animations and short-films. He has entered his Octopus Card film to a site from out of which he may be selected to be part of a reality show for aspiring film-makers. The main juror: Spielberg.
    So I am asking the archinect community to go support a fellow 'necter: go see the video and leave a positive review.
    Also, watch 'Dafen Village' another RG film:

    3A- 100th entry!


    • 3B- 1000th comment!

      Feb 23, 07 1:04 pm  · 

      one of the comments to Richie's film:

      barracuda | Feb 18, 2007

      rating: 5/5 stars

      AMAZING. Finally, something like a real film up here. This movie put me in a trance I didn't want to wake up from. It is as thorough an explanation of economic and information networks you can get without using any words in 5 minutes. This is my first non-sarcastic post. I'm a bit shocked at that. Anyway, well deserved.

      Feb 23, 07 1:15 pm  · 

      I recently hit that milestone too +q but I'm not studying so I guess that just makes me a slacker or something.

      Feb 25, 07 5:59 pm  · 

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