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    Film and Architecture – Cut 1

    By l8rpeace
    Oct 18, '06 2:02 AM EST

    For the first project in Film and Architecture, we watched the film Battleship Potemkin by Eisenstein. The two very clear ideas to me were the montage and sequence = path. These two ideas are related to architecture by the streaming together of experience and journey. This turned into a built site analysis, and I chose the Brooklyn Bridge as my site.

    I walked along the path of the bridge from my house, under the bridge, and then all the way across. I took pictures along the way, documenting the journey, framing the views as I went along. I literally took the sequence as the path, from the sublime (father away) to the frantic (closer details), pulling the images together in a montage of sorts.

    Montage - plan

    Montage - motion

    Montage - detail

    The montage then took on a life of the sequence, where different events and forms caused the sequence to change, as shown above. Also, the space between images in the montage was determined by the rhythm and speed of the site. This resulted in a diagram documenting the shifts, changes, and movement along the path.

    Progressive Diagram 1 - spaces over montage

    Progressive Diagram 2 - cuts/bending over montage

    Progressive Diagram 3 - cuts/bending and spaces (no montage)

    Progressive Diagram 4 - cuts/bending (no montage)

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