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    Design VI - Bring on the Dancing Horses

    By l8rpeace
    Jan 25, '07 9:52 PM EST

    Well allright...back to design studio. I haven't had one since last spring, so I feel like I am ready to get things going. The design problem - build a training facility for the Mounted Police Unit of the NYPD that shares the site with a neighborhood athletic facility. The proposed site for this project has an actual building there right now (we're not responsible for planning demolition). This area is largely residential, with a scattering of commercial enterprises (like a few small professional offices and home offices, presumably) AND the ABC television studios. The site is located on the UWS one building away (~100') from Central Park (and Tavern on the Green).


    A classmate and I discussed this, and we went over some of the requirements. Of course, the Mounted Police Unit will bring the horses, but the neighborhood athletic center will contain a pool. With this combination in mind, the first thing we thought of was the diving horses from Atlantic City.

    horse and woman diving

    Tomorrow a site analysis is due. More pics of that to come. In the mean time, my planning took me to my favorite place - the toy store. That's where I picked up a horse for diving - Flicka and the Western Rider from Breyer Horses.



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