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    The new digs in Manhattan

    By l8rpeace
    May 17, '07 11:23 PM EST

    Affectionately referred to as “the dungeon,” Design 6 (fourth year) and Design 8 (thesis) undergrads got a new studio space in the basement of one of our Manhattan campus buildings. I’m pretty pleased with this development, and here you can see two key images: the 70 some odd students who came from both the Manhattan and Old Westbury campuses for our Design 6 (long span) review…along with 30+ jurors filtering in-and-out throughout the day (from 9 am until about 8 pm) and the advisory board.

    The only complaint I registered with the dean was that we don’t have enough light, and she agreed. She said lighting solutions are being worked on (although, I also found that, with limited students working in the new space for these final few weeks, we are also short on electrical outlets in studio classes that are increasingly, if not wholly digital). I actually brought a light to illuminate some work throughout the day, and some spotlights were brought in as well to serve the same purpose. But hey, I can’t complain. The thesis students can, though. They were forced to move whatever belongings they had in the old studios to the new space for the final 2-3 weeks of their undergraduate academic careers. I dig it…more to come on my final presentation as I ready myself for China in 4 days…

    The space (fisheye)



    • rozz

      Yeah, dude...the lighting sucks..Hopefully DiMaio and Diamond do something about that...nonetheless, it's better than nothing... P.S.-Why did they make you move in the final two weeeks? Couldn't they wait until final crit was over?

      May 18, 07 1:41 pm  · 

      As far as NYIT goes, just getting this space is a bloody miracle.

      May 19, 07 2:58 am  · 

      no daylight? That must suck - nonetheless always good to a get a little more elbow room

      May 27, 07 12:16 pm  · 
      tiyn hcra

      I am a little disappointed that this can all be brought up in such lacking context- NYIT did not make any room for architecture students- they would rather spend money on advertising and let the lower faculty deal with space and technology issues.

      The AIAS chapter campaigned for this space- and computers- and got them- with no ease. It was a long and rough battle dealing with every form of red tape imaginable- many STUDENTS worked very hard to make this happen- as opposed to just bitching about it.


      Oct 18, 07 8:20 pm  · 

      ^ you want a pat on the back or something? Write your congressman or join a support group. No where in this discussion is there made any mention of who provided what to whom, in any instance, outside of the fact that I provided some light that I brought on my own to some people, unless you count the fact that Apurimac mentioned the school wherein said space resides. If you read the entry, it said I only had on complaint - there was no light. And, since then, more light has been added. That much is clear; enough people complained about the lighting situation so as to force the administration into action. If you want context, supply it yourself - that isn't my role in life. But, in doing so, spare me your feelings of indignation when no slight was committed.

      As for elements of context that I'm willing to provide...if I had to move my thesis project within the final week of studio at the school in order to show off for whatever administrative functions and purposes deemed necessary, I would be pissed. And, last spring, the thesis students were. Again, just another fact of reporting.

      Congratulations on your long, hard fought battle. Really. I don't doubt it was tough, particulatly so if it took 4 years to accomplish, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity. I can't be sure I have given AIAS their due in the past, so thanks. But, I don't remember anyone but myself standing on top of a chair holding the spotlight that I brought in to illuminate a project for someone I had never even seen before, much less met and worked with in studio. I consider that my right to bitch about the lighting situation, signed, sealed, and delivered.

      In short, you need to re-read my entry, and the accompanying comments that follow, because your defensive reaction is so far off base that I can't even be sure you are reacting to THIS thread. When is the last time you heard me bitching about ANYTHING in this school? I manage to go along, adapt to the situation, and move forward, doing what I have to do, always managing to get the job done, resources in-house or NOT. You need to be more specific and fair while showing a thicker skin before you blithely chide the posters in this thread five months after the fact.

      Oct 20, 07 1:21 am  · 

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