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    new studio space?

    By l8rpeace
    Mar 27, '07 11:39 PM EST

    well. we were supposed to have a new studio space here in manhattan oh, about, say, 6 weeks ago. At that time, our chairman, david diamond, informed us that, although the project was two weeks late (two weeks into the new semester, slated for completion over winter break), we were officially invited to the grand opening and reception for a new studio that would house 4th and 5th year students.

    only, that never happened.

    I was chatting with micah today before studio, and this came up. we recalled this very moment of announcement from our chairman, and I had gloriously recorded it in my sketch book...somewhere. I recalled that I got excited at the time, immediately going home that weekend after friday studio (design 6) and organizing/packing up all of my studio equipment in anticipation of moving in. after all, we were getting our own desks (finally) in our school. we never had those before; we were truly commuter based. seems kind of important.

    now? my stuff is still packed up, if not a bit picked over, in my apartment. the space - still closed, with no talks of an actual opening. the reasons have been vague to date as to why we're still not in there. some say it's the uneven tilt of the floor, some say it's the absence of adequate power outlets (for today’s digital age!). still others claim that the space is reminiscent of a dungeon (it being the basement). all I know is that they have reapportioned the lockers in the old communal studios to first year students. we have none, and the fifth year students have none. reasons aside, it would be nice to have something.

    however, it seems that the reasons for the delay in opening stem from an email exchange between the AIAS president and the dean of our architecture school. apparently they were commiserating over said issues and decided to delay the opening. maybe that's fair and maybe it's not.

    I ask you - how can this come to pass with a battalion of architects and engineers working about 200 yards away at MOST? to complain or not to complain...that is the question. should I lament something lost I never really had (yet)? or should I just be sad I don't have a locker...


    • joe

      that sucks. that really sucks.

      but I would talk to someone who knows going on so at least you know what the reason is and you can focus on whats important. It sounds like you're used to it, so it shouldnt be all to bad, just go with the flow.

      Mar 27, 07 11:52 pm  · 

      Ah, the JOYS of NYIT Manhattan!

      Mar 28, 07 12:27 am  · 
      Arnaud M.

      And we bitch all the time about the half-desk we're given at OCAD...

      Mar 28, 07 7:00 am  · 

      Well, I can see that all the student work that was showcased during our re-accredidation about two years ago,the student body meeting with NAAB, and the fact that the students have been bitching about this for many years... ( the art department moved to their own building-albeit shared) just reiterates that our school, my alma mater, is still behind in the times. Get with it NYIT!

      Mar 28, 07 4:22 pm  · 

      yeah, I've been dealt a few hands of that whole real-world, lives-hanging-in-the-balance stuff, so I am pretty aware. good to see that tragedy is multi-disciplinary, unbounded by specific professions. and, I'm fully aware that not all (possibly NONE) of the professors from the school are/were responsible for the design and construction of the new space. I was just soaking up the (potential) irony there.

      Mar 29, 07 7:31 pm  · 

      Go to David Diamond. I'm in D6 in Old Westbury. I have worked in studio since fundies. I wouldn't be able to work without studio life. I move in at the start of each semester and if I didn't have MY SPOT I would freak out.

      Good luck with the final push.

      Apr 4, 07 3:41 pm  · 

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