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    d6 - final review

    By l8rpeace
    May 20, '07 6:22 PM EST

    there isn't much to my last post, I showed the new studio space in the basement of the 61st street Manhattan campus building. the review was epic - at least in proportion. but honestly, with three reviews going on at any one time, it became manageable.

    for me personally, this semester back in studio was, once again, a struggle. I found an idea and I can't be sure I even partially exploited it in a design. I always understand the agenda of the program, and of the influencing parties, but I want to achieve the goals of my personal agenda. I am honestly looking forward to thesis (after China) so that I can hopefully work towards my onw thoughts and ideas.

    Below are the boards from this presentation, and here is the link to the portfolio. Enjoy for now; I leave for China tomorrow evening, so speak with everyone again in a few days.

    Board 01

    Board 02


    • how's China?

      May 27, 07 12:13 pm  · 

      a couple of criticisms form a tech alum. project looks interesting but, it's unfortunate that i cant really read your graphics (when looking at your attached portfolio), i think you should rethink the color scheme. im not so hot on the purple, though i do like the concept to keep everything consistent. you should also put some time into understanding how to export your cadd drawings from illustrator or Photoshop i think this will help them read better, also i would put some time into using a different lighting scheme in Max make a little more depth in your renderings. i really like your study models they're great diagrams. Brushing up on a few of these things will help make your thesis year as productive as possible!


      Jun 4, 07 9:25 pm  · 

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