Recycling Center in Nosara, Costa Rica

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    By sLAB (Costa Rica)
    Apr 28, '12 9:19 PM EST

    Please join us for a special presentation, premiere film screening and reception about the ongoing design-build initiative sLAB Costa Rica: a recycling center for Nosara.

    NYIT architecture students and faculty will be introducing the project, and filmmaker Ayana de Vos, who has been documenting this project from the beginning, will be presenting a 30min. film preview, edited specifically for this event, of her ongoing documentary film project about solid waste management and sustainability in the tropics, which will prominently feature the NYIT initiative. 

    Our group of architects from NYC plan to travel to Nosara, Costa Rica in July to break ground on construction of a community recycling center. The project was launched back in November, and now it is almost time for construction!

    Together with filmmaker Ayana de Vos we are currently trying to raise funds on to fund a portion of the student’s expenses while volunteering on the construction site in Nosara this summer, and to partially fund Ms. De Vos’ full-length professional documentary film, in order to share this important initiative with a larger audience.

    More info can be found on the project's Kickstarter page here: or on image attached. 

    This event marks the beginning of our journey to Costa Rica to construct a community recycling center. The event is open to the public, and the night will entail a presentation by the team followed by a short film giving a quick introduction to our story. 

     Bring anyone and everyone, and refreshments will be served. Hope you can make it. 


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This project is a Student Led Design/Build Initiative of a brand new Recycling Center in Nosara, CR. It will be a community-run recycling and education center for Nosara, a small village in Northwestern Costa Rica. The project is ready to be built this summer with our team eager and willing to add to this already amazing beach town a symbol of recycling for all of Costa Rica to see. Together with professional filmmaker Ayana de Vos, we also plan to culminate the whole process into a movie.

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