Deep Shah

Deep Shah

Mumbai, IN

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A Young and an enthusiastic professional who believes in change, is keen on breaking the boundaries & going beyond the mundane. 

An architectural graduate from Gujarat university, India with the capability to meander across myriad of scales with 3 years + experience in the design industry in a variety of roles as an architect across various cities of west and south India , who is constantly striving into the search of the unknown by collaborating with like minded people. 

My thoughts processes and values I believe in are defined by the intensity and the depth of involvement in what I do. Being a recipient of accolades and honors on international and national platforms pushes me to persistently explore new dimensions of design, which led to my involvement with ETH Zurich into the Future of Cities via a series of courses. 

While photography and writing are tools for me to express my perceptions, Cinema, traveling, food, art, trance and chill-out music are my abodes of unwinding. 

Being a curious person I am always eager to learn and foster my skills while being an agent of growth and success of the organization.



Urban Frame, Bengaluru, IN, Curator


Founded the interactive and collaborative platform to express variety of contemporary urban perspectives, in tandem with the philosophy and culture of Urban Frame.

Photography, cinema, writings, Critic, debates, visual art etc are the certain mediums in which explorations take place.

The Urban Wall 1.0 - BANAL URBANISM - dealt with the Banality of Urban Development in India. Photography was the medium to express via a montage and series of images, questioning and rhetorically provoking the current state of architecture and urban design in our cities.

The Urban Wall 2.0 - WE MUST REMEMBER WHO WE ARE - An outcry which tries to convey a strong emotive message to the masses via a series of red and black disruptive images from my travels around the country, provocating the participant to re look into the identity of self.

Feb 2017 - current

Spacematrix Design Consultants, Bengaluru, IN, Architect

Portfolio of work includes master-planning, educational and corporate Campus, hospitality, religious institution, sports facility, residential apartments and commercial spaces.

Lead designer - Winner of IIITDM-Kurnool campus design proposal, Invited national level competition organized by the M.H.R.D - Government Of India.

- Responsible for critical conceptual processes of innovative designs and research integrating landscape urbanism and sustainably habitable strategies.

- Creating framework and establishing U.D guidelines for the masterplan design proposals for IIITDM-K campus, religious institution, and smart cities projects.

- Coordinating and managing the projects at various stages from preliminary concept evolution to project execution.

- Constantly coordinating with PHE, Infrastructure, Landscape, geological and sustainability consultants on various projects.

- Core Member for revamping and reinventing the brand from space matrix architects and planners to Urban Frame.

- Organizer of collaborative events and lectures.

Feb 2015 - current

Responsible Cities Foundation, Bengaluru, IN, Urban Designer

Actively worked with the experts and leaders as a part of advisory panel on smart cities mission launched in 2015 by MUD, Government Of India.
- Involved in creating draft proposals for smart city Mangalore and Shimoga.
- Developing the framework for smart city strategies adhering to local context for Indian cities as an active participant in various smart city events.
- Coordinating with the local municipal bodies, collector and mayor of respective cities, presenting proposals in public gatherings for citizens, visiting Mangalore and Shimoga on a regular basis to identify and establish various pan city, retrofitting and redevelopment projects.
- Developing the Masterplan Proposal for various identified greenfield and retrofitting projects in Mangalore and Shimoga.

Sep 2015 - Dec 2015

Architect Rushikesh H. - Architects | Planners | Interiors, Mumbai, Mumbai, IN, Architectural Intern

Construction Documentation, Making Goods For Construction drawings, Presentations, Preliminary Concepts for designs, 3D visualizations and Consultant Coordination.

Aug 2014 - Dec 2014


ETH Zürich, Future Cities MOOC

Sep 2014 - current
Jul 2009 - Dec 2014


Award winner, International Architecture Thesis Awards 2014, 3rd Place

Third Award, Transport Category. International Architecture Thesis Awards 2014


Scholarship from Government of India for Undergraduate Studies, Scholarship

Awarded scholarship grant for undergraduate studies in architecture on yearly basis for 5 years.


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