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Jan '05 - Apr '06

  • hello all

    By Sean!
    Apr 27, '06 4:13 PM EST

    Well, it's been awhile... Studio has been incredibly intense over the last month or so im trying to finish my thesis year off strong, Three weeks left to wrap everything up! (I'll post some images soon of the final product)

    Last week Peter Eisenman and Michael Graves had a sit down a New York Tech. Instead of a debate about design philosophy the talk was an interesting glimpse into how they met at Princeton and the influence of Colin Rowe on Peter, Michael and dean Dimaio. Of course, there was alot of friendly bickering and some cheap shots, but the most insightful discussion was on design education and the quality and integrity of most of the portfolios that are sent to both their offices they had some surprising things to say.



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  • Finishing up Strong!

    By Sean!
    May 31, '05 9:12 PM EST

    Though the end of the semester has passed about three weeks ago, I figured I'd update everyone on the final product............. View full entry

  • What A resourse

    By Sean!
    Apr 8, '05 2:37 AM EST

    I stumbled upon this the other day; i heard it was used by the CIA and it's now outdated by their standards, so they sold it to Google. You can find just about any landmark, the Salk institute was one of the many i found while procrastinating at work. Salk institute Have some Fun. View full entry

  • "The Road to success"

    By Sean!
    Apr 7, '05 10:36 PM EST

    as the end of the semester grows near I realize that...... i have a lot of work to do!Paul Amatuzzo's Road To Success Let the all-nighters begin View full entry


    By Sean!
    Mar 29, '05 4:20 PM EST

    My very short, busy, but productive break is over. it's Tuesday and I've already taken two of the four mid-terms i have scheduled this week, wish me luck! ]BACK TO WORK View full entry

  • i've been a bad blogger

    By Sean!
    Mar 22, '05 5:30 PM EST

    I guess I've become a bit of a slacker on my blogging duties the last couple of weeks, but as I'm sure you can all relate with me, that between mid-crits, mid-terms, and other engagements it was a challenge to find time to blog. But now it's spring break so i will re-cap. Things have been... View full entry

  • SITEgeist: Nature, Memory, Identity

    By Sean!
    Feb 27, '05 4:33 PM EST

    In response to a growing interest within architectural theory and practice in ideas about site, temporality and indeterminacy, and natural and environmental processes..... Is the theme for the architecture league's lecture series this spring, Thursday night was a dialogue between Peter Eisenman... View full entry

  • A relaxing monday

    By Sean!
    Feb 21, '05 6:29 PM EST

    So we were all hauled out of studio this afternoon, this has happened before. Not the first time and probably wont be the last. In the past I would get really pissed, but now i just look at it as an opportunity to focus on other classes that I've probably been neglecting a little to much so far... View full entry

  • An Arrangement of Orange Polyester

    By Sean!
    Feb 16, '05 9:05 PM EST

    What a crazy week! So much to do, so little time.... Last week was one of those weeks when being an architecture major separates you from every other major in your school”¦(you guys know the feeling) Not only did I have a design review yesterday, but I also had a pin-up for my Site... View full entry

  • A Hands on school

    By Sean!
    Feb 8, '05 3:00 AM EST

    After two study models, and a partial site model this weekend. All I could think to myself is we really need one of those laser cutters @ NyIT My studioMate johnney hard at work! View full entry

  • As New York Gets Ready.

    By Sean!
    Feb 3, '05 12:27 PM EST

    I almost forgot to post this image with my site pics. This is at the corner of our site in one of the entrances to the PARK. New York gets ready for christo and jean Claude's first New York installation I'll keep you guys updated with some pics as soon as they finish it. View full entry


    By Sean!
    Feb 2, '05 7:25 PM EST

    Things are a lot different this semester, for the last year i've had the same studio space on the first floor with fairly new, fast, efficient computers. This semester however I found myself in a fairly undesirable studio space with no computers or internet access. the most challenging change to... View full entry

  • Back Already?

    By Sean!
    Jan 23, '05 9:23 PM EST

    Tomorrow the break will be officially over, excited to be back ready to start Cranking. Tuesday i find out who the studio critics are for Design feels a little surreal even writing D6 cant believe i only have one more year left. IM excited to be part of the School Blog Project this... View full entry

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