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    D6- Dressage Diagrams

    By l8rpeace
    Feb 1, '07 8:43 PM EST

    Just something fun I found...since the NYPD Mounted Unit Training Facility requires dressage space, I went looking for some info on dressage. I found these neat diagrams. Just for fun I drew them up and made a comparrison to my plan process diagrams. the diagram reads funny at this orientation (I originally laid it out landscape, and I just rotated the image for the web). In this orientation here, the read top to bottom, starting from the right hand side (the text was originally bottom RH corner, or SE). Who knows where any of this is going.

    Dressage Diagrams

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    • futureboy

      remember the key to a good diagram is communication. there's a very good series of essays on diagamming and mapping in stan allen's book of essays "Practice: Architecture, Technique and Representation". remember like design, diagramming is an iterative process. sometimes it's about getting the most basic information down first, then slowly building in the aspects that you hadn't gotten...iteratively building in the depth and complexity that will drive a strong programmatic idea.

      Feb 2, 07 9:26 am  · 

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