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    Tribute Booklet

    By l8rpeace
    Mar 10, '07 1:35 PM EST

    At the beginning of last semester, we were met with tragedy. But I consider this work something that I can honestly say I am proud to be a part of:

    Tribute Booklet to Kevin Cullen

    The PDF is a touch under 2MB. It looks great in print (full color with a glossy cover). Personally, I'll be honored to present this to Kevin's family, and I've already taken the opportunity to meet with his father (where I gave Mr. Cullen Kevin's last portfolio from this studio class).

    I believe that, in some abstract way, a compendium of the student work from our last semester in studio together is a great way to express the strongest bond and our most identifiable traits we have in our school. It shows how we impacted Kevin and how he impacted us.

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    • joe

      We had a classmate named Damon Heyward die in a car accident halfway through thesis. It was tough, and effected us all in one way or another, some much much harder than others of course.
      The school presented his work to that point just like any other project, made boards, had a slideshow etc.., his mom accepted his M.Arch. on stage to a standing ovation. That to my knowledge was our only direct loss of a classmate out of the five years we were there. so close to finishing. pretty fucked up.
      In the end I think we all did what little we could to give our condolences and the department acted did their part as well.

      Mar 11, 07 12:31 am  · 

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