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    D6 - midterm jury

    By l8rpeace
    Mar 11, '07 8:56 PM EST

    Purple, why not? Actually, it is more of an “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach to our plotters…I can never get blues to print out anything other than purple, so I figured let’s just go with purple. Oh, and the blues you see on screen printed out this time as…grey. I put the plans up before…they haven’t changed much except for structural details and some modifications to the layout (I dropped one viewing area for better angles of vision).

    Long span structure, horses and a pool…so far I have two major trusses flanking the riding ring for the horses and a long span roof that will either be unbearably long beams spanning incredible distances OR some kind of 2-D mesh type operation. I’m still researching that. Here are the three boards for presentation, three sections, the (previously unseen) roof plan, one rendering and the physical model (1” = 16’, or about the size of a shoebox as seen). The sections, as small drawings in JPG 72 dpi format don’t read particularly well because of the depth of detail. They look like blobs.

    Sheet 01

    Sheet 02

    Sheet 03

    Section 01

    Section 02

    Section 03

    Roof plan

    Rendering 01 – entrance

    Model 01

    Model 02

    Model 03

    Model 04


    • cmu268

      nice images! i go to Tech also, when I did this project a couple years ago we had an ice rink instead of the pool.

      how do you feel about the hyrbrid program combining people and horses? i felt like there wasnt really a justification for it, but very interesting nonetheless

      Mar 20, 07 5:41 pm  · 

      unfortunately, our exploration of the hybrid program is largely topical this time around, cmu. our focus is very pragmatic - health code separation pragmatic. and the topic du jour is structure. we're paying for the sins of the past, to a certain degree. the naab accreditation team only granted the school probationary status after the visit in spring 2005. one of the noted failures of the school (and there were many on the facilities end) was that code and structure were given little emphasis in the projects.

      that's not to say we haven't explored the implications of the program from any other angle. but, we were told early on to hit structure HARD - even before we resolved programatic issues. I found this strange.

      what do I really feel? I tried to express the prima facia difference in program in one diagram and then another, amended above. this led me to consider more shared space, and shared program, between the two. but never between horse and man, explicitly. I suppose that this convergence of programs can be justified through exposure - so far that's been material, spatial, and structural. the programs are sharing elements, but also using elements to share experience. perhaps such a stark juxtaposition speaks more to a need for consideration of one set of inhabitants for the purpose of the other, and vice-versa.

      Mar 20, 07 11:36 pm  · 

      hmmm interesting, the horse needs man, and man needs the horse, creating an interesting spatial interaction

      Paul Amatuzzo was my professor in D6, he's a character....never hid his disdain for the dean and for the program. But he was the same way with structure. We barely had concepts and he wanted us to have structural concepts.

      I somewhat agree with having to stress code, because in the end it is very important, and it's important to graduate knowing about codes. But in the same sense, I feel that stressing it too much can become very inhibitive.

      btw, i love the model

      Mar 22, 07 10:55 pm  · 

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