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    greetings from tibet

    By l8rpeace
    Jul 15, '07 3:15 AM EST

    sorry...there is always a poor combination of "consistent internet access" and "free time" to post the china blog. would you believe that I would have to come all the way out to lhasa to find the internet again?!? just kidding, it was mainly an issue of having a studio and an "installation" elective crammed into about 5 weeks.

    but I promise that when I get back, august 29, I have all these posts and images and sketches saved up. so until then...


    • Apurimac

      YO, greetings from shanghai man, good to know you guys made it to the roof of the world. I had a bad feeling you might've gotten stuck in Chengdu. I thought you were leavin' July 29th though?

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