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    confrontation, and time

    By l8rpeace
    Sep 8, '06 5:29 PM EST

    My only interaction in 6 semesters of school with Kevin was last semester's studio. We all know how traumatic a studio environment can be - deadlines, pressure, insanity. Right now it doesn't amount to anything fun and worthwhile. Here's a guy who is willing to take a stand on things, pretty hard working, really full of energy. I just saw him at the school, right before classes began. I spoke to him, only briefly. He was, as usual, going from here to there, saddled by materials and some pressing assignment. All I got to do was ask him how he was.

    We only had that one entanglement, in studio. But everyone has those, or so I'm allowing myself to believe. Outside of that it was fun, smiling, goodhearted fun, real enjoyment in the process, the education, the charge bestowed upon us. This particular time, it was something about the quality of a model, and it became an encounter that he jokingly never let me live down, which is a great testament to his sense of humor, his understanding of the moment and life. "C'mon, Max, you want me to fix this model, TOO?!?"

    Then he would hurry off. And I say hurry, because it was always direct, and with purpose, a keen sense of urgency for time. Direct, true, but always directed, no moments wasted. There was a drive, a confrontation between him and the task at hand.

    I can only say that people that leave bestow a gift upon us - we now have the responsibility of living up to the standards that they have, to display the best qualities they espoused. Never a moment wasted, Kevin (1983-2006).

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