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    Film and Architecture – Cut 3

    By l8rpeace
    Nov 9, '06 7:06 PM EST

    Sorry, I was waiting on the pictures. And thanks to Giovanna I have them now. So the next film we watched was Antonioni's The Eclipse. We had to respond to any element(s) of the movie of our choosing and create an 8 inch x 8 inch x at LEAST 1 inch construct - only in grey.

    When we read about the filmmaker, there was a quote from Antonioni that said, “I make nothing - with precision.” But two elements of the film stood out to me as imprecise, not in the way that they are filmed, but in the way that they exist.

    There is a certain emotional ambiguity to the characters, especially Vittoria. She is languid and apathetic at times, ignoring the camera. And, regardless of her emotions for the characters she interacts with (her mother, her men) and their physical proximity, she maintains this ambiguity.

    I also thought the new montage was imprecise, particularly in the stock exchange scene. People and objects move in and out of the static camera frame to create a disorder. To me, this disorder spells imprecision as well.

    My construct was based on these two ideas and the idea of context. Antonioni hinted that context didn't matter, which I didn't entirely buy. So I forced these two ideas together, letting the context of each element of the construct impact the other without full interaction.

    Construct 1 - emotional/physical distance + new montage

    Later, we had to explicitly consider context - the context of the other constructs. Here's where the 8"x8" parameters come in. We were assigned a grid space (8x8) on the wall and we had to respond to the other models, and our place in the grid. I chose to use my initial offering as a generator - to move this new montage pieces right off the grid, while languidly pulling away from the grid with the emotional ambiguity piece. I created space with the wall (the site of the grid) and the adjacent constructs of the other students (can't see it too well in the pictures). To reinforce the respect of context, I turned back to the original work I had done and mapped the space left over when the “new montage” element is removed from the “emotional distance” element and peeled/shaved it right off of the new construct.

    Construct 1 as generator

    Construct 2

    Construct 2 within grid frame context

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