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  • Studio Pet to Studio Work

    By RoBBie
    Mar 4, '05 11:57 PM EST

    We have a studio pet. Yes that is right. Today I found a white mouse rooming through my studio spot. It took me half the class to catch him but a slice of bread and a few popcorn crenels, he was safe and sound. I gave him a cap full of water and a nibble of cheese while my studio mate was designing his box. We are looking for names so any suggestions”

    Other Random Thoughts:

    What would architecture school be like without everybody's ego? Also now that I-pods are becoming popular nobody talks to anybody. There is a simple exchange of a glance and you are on your way...thinking about what the other person is thinking about.

    Well as I am ranting and raving I have been up for 28 hours straight. After Design, a faculty member chose a few of my projects to be exhibited for accreditation. I felt honored until I realized that I would be spending hours and hours in the plot shop.

    Tell me what you guys think?


    While studying aboard in Berlin, I investigated a recreational island and how phenomenologically a human uses his or her sense. Through our 5 senses my partner and I began to play with the ability to displace the inner to the periphery



    Design IV is the almightily housing semester. Within this digital or paper-less studio, I began to play with the ability to identify cultural differences through formal conflict. This ever-changing form becomes an interface toward the community.

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  • SITEgeist: Nature, Memory, Identity

    By RoBBie
    Feb 27, '05 6:00 PM EST

    Seanie Left out the good pics. After watching Peter blow our minds in the Great Hall....aka the great sea of columns....we decided to grab just a couple of PBR' you can see After we dished out 150 dollars, we were ready to go. So were else to go but The Bull. So of to the bull we went. Mee... View full entry

  • A School Contemporary

    By RoBBie
    Feb 23, '05 2:01 PM EST

    I wish I could stay in school forever. I really do. Traveling from school to school, manipulating theory after theory, building after building. School is the True Essence of our profession. Having those late night critiques from your studio mates where all the bullshit is left at your spot... View full entry

  • Getting kicked out

    By RoBBie
    Feb 21, '05 2:27 AM EST

    When you think about getting kicked out usually you had a good night. Closing down a bar all drunk and rowdy with your friends. All heading to Penn Station getting ready for the drunk LIRR train ride home. In this instance it is a little different. When the building isn't open 24 hours or if it... View full entry

  • Concept Review

    By RoBBie
    Feb 19, '05 8:53 PM EST

    Our first review of the semester produced very heated discussions. The only problem was that is was the critiques fighting with each other while the student stood against the wall. My project produced one of these arguments. My investigation was based off the experiences of an individual compared... View full entry

  • A Slow Sunday

    By RoBBie
    Feb 13, '05 10:00 PM EST

    After an amazing night in Brooklyn, I am slowly sketching my way through this hung-over Sunday. I have a concept review this Tuesday so studio is my home for the next couple of days. Hopefully my models and drawing speak for themselves. Cause after all we are space-smiths not word-smiths. Speaking... View full entry

  • Pragmatic, programmatic, Poetic.

    By RoBBie
    Feb 8, '05 10:49 PM EST

    A dramatic organizational technique which can undeniably create complex spaces. Does this mean that these spaces have meaningful experiential implications. Am I just trying to sound smart? I will let you be the judge. How do you start your design process? Within school we are taught to start with... View full entry

  • ROUND 1----Ding.....Ding

    By RoBBie
    Feb 3, '05 2:54 PM EST

    Before we get to the main event of our evening, I would like to thank our sponsors Archinect and Architecture Schools around the globe for contributing to these fine series of SchoolBlogs. Also be sure to attend New York Insitute of Technology's symposium: Black Space : Architecture, Race and... View full entry

  • An........Action

    By RoBBie
    Jan 24, '05 2:40 PM EST

    We are officially back, That right. I can already smell that studio aroma. The sad thing is that this aroma has no heat. All my classes were canceled today because there is no heat in our building. Well maybe I shouldn't call it a building. Here....let me paint you a picture. The architecture... View full entry

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