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    The GSD's New Orange Walls

    Quilian Riano
    Oct 17, '08 1:58 PM EST

    I have to admit to not being a fan of Gund Hall. I find the big open space - where anything can happen and everyone can see you - a bit oppressive. A building that exposes modern anxieties.

    A few weeks ago people came into the GSD to see that the trays now had some orange boards sprinkled through the previously all-white space.

    I like it, in a space in which regularity can be oppressive the orange boards become place makers.

    It also kind of reminds me of:


    • but tschumi was using a constructavist palate of red and silver...

      Oct 17, 08 10:33 pm  · 
      David Cuthbert

      Quill I honestly thought you were going to say it reminded you of Christo

      Oct 18, 08 1:33 am  · 

      yeah, but soon enough, those boards will be covered up...

      Oct 18, 08 7:39 pm  · 

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