Feb '05 - May '06

  • I am losing trust in the poetics...

    By psteiner
    Mar 17, '05 10:19 PM EST

    Hmmm...about halfway through the semester already...someone had counted down already to around 60 or so days...I'd rather not think about it. Graduation information came inthe mail today-face reality. I am thinking of taking a month off after graduation (June) to go home, soak up some TEXAS and... View full entry

  • And the Milk Jug emerges...

    By psteiner
    Mar 9, '05 8:57 PM EST

    So I took the milk jug out from the mold after a short kinda looks "frakenstein-ish" besides that, nothing much studio as usual. Except that I tried to fly down the stairs at the Field Museum and am now on crutches, with a fancy medical boot an brace. Too cool for school...-pamela View full entry

  • Some pictures at last

    By psteiner
    Mar 2, '05 8:13 PM EST

    So, alot has happened in the last couple od days-since my comparison of my studio to mucking horse stalls... I'm posting some picturesof: -my really ugly looking mold from my sculpture class...I made a casting of a milk gallon jug, and some glass insulators from telephone poles... -some studio... View full entry

  • Stumbling through school...

    By psteiner
    Feb 27, '05 11:00 PM EST

    Thesis project seems to be similar to cleaning a wet soggy horse barn in Texas. It smells like crap but I do it because I love it...I can only make this comparison becuase I am from Texas and we have 3 horses and it is a swamp there alot of the time. And shoveling horse poop in the rain is... View full entry

  • I showed them...

    By psteiner
    Feb 20, '05 4:44 PM EST

    So I finally got my site plan finished and AUTOCAD'd, construction can now commence on my "urban chapel" Tomorrow we have progress pin-up. Hopefully it will actually happen, sometimes students and professors at SAIC tend to get very offtrack and we can spiral into "wanderingness". Hopefully I will... View full entry

  • Off to the Field Museum!!!

    By psteiner
    Feb 14, '05 6:09 PM EST

    So, I accepted the Co-op position at the Field Museum in the Exhibits department, not directly Interior architecture but in a round about way it works for me. Plus they'll teach me Vectorworks... So, I want to say thanks for the suggestions for getting the site plans for my thesis projects. I... View full entry

  • How to find a floorplan...

    By psteiner
    Feb 8, '05 2:10 PM EST

    So, we've been at our thesis projects for several weeks now, and still no floorplans. I am going to be taking over the Nick's Fishmarket site in Bank One Plaza in downtown Chicago for my Urban Chapel. But how to go about getting a floorplan of the space? It seems no one wants to return calls or... View full entry

  • so it is almost over

    By psteiner
    Feb 1, '05 6:11 PM EST

    It's almost over... So, it is my final semester in the Bachelor of Interior Architecture here at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). A little about me: I transfered from The University of Houston and the Interior Design Program 3 years ago, and now I am here at an art school getting... View full entry

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