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    "Berlin was much more interesting when the wall was up..."

    By psteiner
    Dec 1, '05 12:16 AM EST

    ...because it was dangerous."

    This came from Stanley when a discussion unfolded on fences. The group presenting the dialouge is working on a community schools project with Pat Saldana Natke and Helen Grimes. Some of the photos passed around to illustrate their points were showing puppies behind fences...which got my mind wandering to my dogs back home in Texas who keep breaking out (and one dog in particular) keep biting people...

    This past Tuesday's discussion was actually the first time where I felt a renewed sense of hope for my project after enduring the usual Tuesday roundtable. I felt like I was back in Design School, the good times, the challenging times, the reason I signed up kind of times.

    Enough with the feel good though, Stanley was able to throw in the following comments on Tuesday night:
    -Architects and designers aren't reasonable and logical - if they were nothing would get done...
    -how do you start with less than nothing?
    -real live AIDS HIV positive people... (as opposed to?...)
    -make a quilt out of all that god-damned felt and wrap the kids up to keep them warm...

    Strangely enough this was the first time I could follow some of Stanley's comments...


    Tonight was the Ben Nicholson lecture. He told us he was going to put us to sleep with bed time stories....
    He had alot of good talking points as well,
    -the hands can't do what the mind can't see...

    And he announced that the first building he will build (at Stanley's encouragement) will be a house for a grain of sand...


    Our group is getting kinda emotional lately as well. It's irritating that we can't all focus on the work at hand, and instead spend alot of time trying to make eachother feel better. I think post winter critique (dec 21) people will be shaping up and realizing they can either pay to be miserable or pay to make an attempt at some sort of "fucking crap" (stanley quote). We'll see. Me and some group members came to the relization that if nothing else, Archeworks (and particularly Stanley's tues class) forces you to have a sense of humor. It's just that you're paying $600 a month for comedy...

    Here's a real fixer-upper that caught my eye. I think I will go check it out this weekend.


    • santino

      i love the berlin wall stories, he tells them every semester.

      Dec 1, 05 9:22 am  · 

      Is Helen Grimes at all related to Elen Grimes?

      Dec 1, 05 9:30 am  · 

      It is Ellen Grimes ex-IIT current UIC professor.

      Dec 1, 05 1:30 pm  · 

      thanks, jag bag

      Dec 1, 05 1:35 pm  · 

      by the way I can't spell...

      Dec 1, 05 4:58 pm  · 

      What's the quality fixer-upper market like in Chicago?

      Dec 1, 05 5:01 pm  · 
      vado retro

      the house across the street from my friends place in irving park is on the market for 939k.

      Dec 1, 05 6:05 pm  · 

      whoa. That's not much better than Boston.

      Dec 1, 05 6:47 pm  · 
      vado retro

      got a tattoo in berlin
      and a case of the crabs
      a rose and a dagger
      on the palm of my hand

      Dec 2, 05 8:41 am  · 

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