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    interview Wednesday...

    By psteiner
    Aug 1, '05 10:04 PM EST

    so Wednesday I have an interview for admissions at Archeworks here in Chicago...Does anyone here know anything about Howard Alan Architects? I'm interested in the firm, but I have limited info on them...
    thanks for any info



    • evilplatypus

      Ive heard the name a few times around town - was that the firm that did the property consultants building at Armitage and the Kenedy?

      Anyways - its prob the only lone-wolf architects doing this sort of research/ design in the city outside the major firms. It may not pay that well but dont quote me.

      Are you an architecture student? Do they have that at the School of the art institute?

      Aug 2, 05 9:25 am  · 

      I got a Bachelor of Interior Architecture thru the School of the Art Institute. But within the last year or so an Architecture department has been started for both undergrad and grad students.

      thanks for the info

      Aug 2, 05 9:38 am  · 

      You may want to try Loebl - theyre interior people get very involved on the architecture side of things - plus they have a cool office.

      Aug 2, 05 12:17 pm  · 

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