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    By psteiner
    Oct 15, '05 1:38 AM EST

    ...and I mean that in a good way.

    The fact that someone actually reads this (As compared to my blog for SAIC) should make me post more often...and the fact that it's one class...

    So the last debate went not as planned. Our group didn't win. Stanley liked how my paper was written, didn't agree with my ideas, and preferred someone's paper with a more autobiographical slant. So I've stocked up on books to prepare myself for the rest of the semester. I have bought (or checked out ) the following books:
    -On Bullshit, Harry G. Frankfurt
    -The Pleasure of Hate, William Hazlitt
    -The Ethical Architect, Tom Spector
    -Architecture and its Ethical Dilemmas, Nicholas Ray
    -The Problem of Pain, C.S. Lewis

    The readings we are on now aren't Stanley's, but they are chosen by Stanley. SO currently we have to respond to a stack of photocopies from "Hebrew thought compared with Greek" by Thorleif Boman. I have zero idea of how to advance on no comment for now.

    We had an ethics lecture from outside the bubble last week. Here's the link to the blog from that panel:
    Speakers were:

    -Tony Fry - spoke on "Futuring"

    -Daniel Friedman - mentioned "Babette's Feast" (Which I now feel the need to see)

    -Victor Margolin - from UIC

    -Ned Cramer (moderator) from Chicago Architecture Foundation (I used to volunteer there)

    Our inital/midterm critique is coming up in a couple of weeks. We are trying to amass as much random materials and products as possible. Something we do have: access to several thousand pink Lucite bracelets. Heres a pic:
    Anyone have any advice as far as melting down Lucite? I've done alot of sculpture work, and have a melting pot. I need some how-to advice and cautions on this one though.

    I guess that's it for now. Border's has run me over and me feel like roadkill.

    Here's some Random pictures from West Texas. Balmorhea State Park to be exact. It's a natural spring-fed pool created the CCC in the 1930's...





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