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    Developing the Mind as an Abstract Concept...

    By psteiner
    Dec 12, '05 12:02 PM EST

    ...I am working on the opposite of this statement. Children in school are generally educated not as a whole being, but instead the brain is seen as an independent object to enrich. Instead of developing a single organ (the brain) in hopes of a student succeeding why not develop the whole person, engagement of the body-mind?

    So how do you design for this concept?

    I wanted to ride the bus to school everyday inside a box. Not because I was afraid of the bus ( I had 2 big brothers riding with me) I just wanted a different environment I guess.

    Can I design a box for kids to ride the bus in? At Archeworks maybe, but who knows.

    I went back to highschool last week. You couldn't pay me to go back as a student though. This school was huge, somewhere around 4000 + students. The teacher we observed has been out of school and teaching on his own for about 2 years. It was strange to see him go from talking to us to teaching. He adopted a different personality at one point, either with me and my group member or with the kids. In the classroom he was an overwheming presence, energy and loud voice, talking to us he was quiet and small-seeming.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling, that's where our project is. Our final crit for the semester is next Wed the 21st.


    • Marlin

      Japanese Author Kobo Abe Box Man in a box, classic Japanese Novel. May be a vacation read.
      Curious notion, kids in a box as a developmental tactic. Looking forward to a project recap.

      ~marlin watson

      Dec 12, 05 10:09 pm  · 

      I got to say.... What's up with that opening statement? The mind is that which abstracts, and so how can you abstract from that? I think you're just saying that kids these days are too skinny and need to put some meat on their bones right?

      Dec 13, 05 9:15 am  · 

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