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    I am losing trust in the poetics...

    By psteiner
    Mar 17, '05 10:19 PM EST

    Hmmm...about halfway through the semester already...someone had counted down already to around 60 or so days...I'd rather not think about it. Graduation information came inthe mail today-face reality. I am thinking of taking a month off after graduation (June) to go home, soak up some TEXAS and come back here and life will go as planned...but as of yet I have no plans.

    We had a mid-review today in studio, It wasn't eactly as I had planned I feel like I am encouraged and I plow full steam ahead, then my instructors give feedback that somes out of left field...I want to ask, "why don't you trust me?" But...a little model building over the weekend I will be 100 %.

    Last week my Professional Practice class went on a field trip to Perkins and Will. Interesting, also I tried to convince myself I was at the wrong building (IBM Bldg) once I realized that Wabash was missing once you cross the river, I got really turned around....We got to meet and explore Eva Maddox's Branded about a cool place. She was really interesting to talk to, insight and all...

    At the end of the month I am installing my exhibition piece in the windows of MaxMara...we'll see how that goes over.


    chapel sketches...



    this is my site downtown for the urban chapel...

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    • siggers

      nice stuff. I can totally relate to what you said, I used to try and do all my work 'on trust' - it generally doesn't work, for obvious reasons...

      Mar 18, 05 5:13 pm  · 

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